Peter Stocker

Peter Stocker


“The difference between a space with a name and a truly branded space lies in embracing the story the brand has to tell.”

There is brand. There is the physical environment. And then there is the process of uniting story and place. As a brand development specialist, Peter Stocker creates memorable experiences for consumers and patrons interacting with retail, hospitality, and mixed-use environments.

Peter’s unique understanding of every element of the branding and marketing spectrum is informed by his entrepreneurial experience, including his past ownership of a brand design and development business serving global companies like Amazon as well as local neighborhood restaurants and retailers.

In collaboration with MG2 design teams, Peter builds successful projects from the brand side up, ensuring that those intangible qualities that define a brand are integral to — not just added to — an experience.

Peter in three words: Original. Disciplined. Deliberate.