Culture & Careers

Our people make the place

At MG2, we’re on a mission

A mission to dig in and dive deep. A mission to inspire and evolve our urban landscapes for the better. A mission to kick butt at rec-league sports, find the best happy hours around, and passionately give back to our communities. We’re on a mission to start the next chapter of our story. All that’s missing is you.

Social Responsibility

Our definition of Social Responsibility is simply stated as living ethically through community and environmental advocacy. At MG2, we are transforming the practice of architecture through value-driven design.

Sustainability and Ethical Sourcing

Along with 56 architecture and design firms, MG2 stands committed to advocating manufacturers for materials that positively impact human health, the climate, the environment, and society. We are mindful that the decisions we make today affect future generations, and by implementing restorative measures, we are efficiently transforming the built environment.

Community Engagement

It is our actions that truly define us. Committing nearly 50 years and over 90 thousand hours of unwavering dedication to serving our local communities, our passion for engagement is a driving force behind the fabric of our culture.

An Equitable Future

For the practice of design to succeed, it must be seamlessly woven with inclusion, diversity, and transparency. We’re proud to pioneer industry-wide change by tackling unconscious bias, promoting individual and organizational development.

Meet Grace Lounsbury

“I’ve been at MG2 for nearly two years and not once have I felt pigeon-holed.”