Employee Spotlight

Meet Abbie Drake

Senior Graphic Designer, Marketing
Abbie Drake

“[I’m inspired by] honest, bold and down-to-earth people. Hearing someone share their story in an honest way inspires me to do the same.”

How do you typically spend a day off when the work can wait?  

Reading in the sun, catching up with friends and family but in the summer time I’ll go up to our family lake cabin any chance I get.

Night in or night out? How do you spend it?

Currently, it’s a night in. My evenings vary around the occasional workout, cooking, playing some new board game my boyfriend has found and/or some freelance graphic design work. But one of my favorite things, besides cooking is teaching piano lessons (now over Zoom). I’ve been working with my current 3 students since about 2014. They are currently prepping recital pieces that include songs from Pokémon, Zelda and the Toto classic ‘Africa.’

Currently binging:

Parks and Rec. I don’t know how I haven’t watched this sooner. It’s the light-hearted humor I’ve needed during this time.

Song currently on repeat?

Can’t narrow it down to one… but currently: Hell n Back Bakar (Find on Spotify or Apple Music), Thank You Bonnie Raitt (Find on Spotify or Apple Music), Don’t Wanna HAIM (Find on Spotify or Apple Music)

Coffee table books you love?

Any issue of Monocle Magazine. They are a globally minded magazine that brings a fresh perspective on design, global economies, cities, travel, culture, politics and more. If you haven’t heard of them, I highly encourage a read into their current issue.

What are your hobbies?

Photography, traveling (though it’s just wanderlust for now), wake surfing, water skiing, teaching piano and anything food related.

Who, what, where inspires you the most?

Honest, bold and down-to-earth people. Hearing someone share their story in an honest way inspires me to do the same.

Another source of inspiration is a change of scene. I think that’s why I love traveling so much. It’s a chance to separate yourself from what you know to throw yourself into another culture and loosen up the constructs you’ve created for yourself. I think it’s really important for us as human beings to uproot ourselves every once and a while – even if just a few miles away for a few weeks a year.

Favorite designers / brands and why?

As far as designers/artists go, I’m really inspired by Giorgia Lupi and Fabienne Verdier. Though their output is quite different from each other, it’s their way of thinking and processes that inspire me. Giorgia Lupi because she takes complicated data and makes it human. And Fabienne Verdier because she rethought her tool – the paint brush.

Coffee or tea? How do you take it?

Coffee – usually a Chemex at home but a simple 8oz latte can’t be beat.

Favorite local cup?

Caffé Umbria

Your go-to dinner recipe when at home?

Shrimp or fish tacos with a home-made citrus/tomatillo salsa.

Favorite local restaurant and your go-to order?

I’m torn between Coba and Dandylion, both in Lower Queen Anne. Lately, it’s Coba for a curbside pickup – the green beans in their pork vermicelli bowl are to die for.

But I’ve also got to recommend Le Panier. My mom co-owns this French Bakery and their pain au chocolat is the key to life.

You decide to treat yourself, how do you indulge?

Good food and drink are my most common forms of indulgence. But otherwise, its clothes or home goods. I’m a sucker for coats and jackets and I dream of beautiful furniture. Recently, I purchased a bedside table from Tirto Furniture. They are a family-owned shop with a workshop in Java, Indonesia and a shop in Capitol Hill! It arrives in late August and I can’t wait.

Best quarantine discovery?

Honestly, Parks and Rec. but also ‘The Goldfinch’ by Donna Tartt. It’s a beast of a book but worth every page.

Keys to productivity?

Breaks – both throughout the day and in the form of long vacations. I constantly need to remind myself to take breaks throughout the day. It’s just as important as the actual work but it can be oh so hard to maintain.

What’s one thing you keep at your desk at all times?

Water and music. It used to be trail mix but that got dangerous….

Can you tell us how you remedy being in a creative funk? What puts you back on track?

Sometimes I’ll journal, talk to a friend or explore the ‘interwebs.’ By seeking different points of view, I have an easier time re-centering myself and the idea I’m spinning around.

Favorite city/country/region to visit?

Europe, whether it’s the South of France, the Italian countryside, Spain or Portugal, I’m in. Though they each have their own flavor, they share an intentional pace around living, eating, and respect for their history and culture. It refreshes the soul. Last summer, my family ventured to Corsica, Provence, Lisbon and Porto. To rent a house, apartment or stay in a small bnb and ‘live as they live’ is my favorite kind of vacation.

What is a piece of architecture you feel everyone should see at some point?

The Piazza Navona. This may sound cliché but in a bustling city such as Rome, there was nothing more refreshing than the open space and warm light cast by the sun’s reflection off of those warm facades.

What is your favorite thing about living in Seattle?

Being close to friends, family and to be surrounded by water.

What makes you feel ready to face the world?

Time, coffee and a clear mind. I’m about a 50/50 introvert/extrovert so if I’ve had the time to re-charge (whether with friends, family or even a solo evening) then I’m all set.

Most looking forward to after quarantine?

Going out in public without worry or anxiety but mostly being able to see and hug my friends, cousins, aunts/uncles and most of all my grandparents.