MG2 Hires Mona Lee Locke to Lead Firm’s Business Development Strategy

MG2 announced today the hire of Mona Lee Locke as vice president of strategy and business development. Locke, a former journalist and first lady of Washington State, who has worked in the public, private and government sectors, brings a number of skills to her new role including strategic planning, brand strategy and marketing / communication expertise.

MG2 focuses on design and delivery excellence for its clients, whether helping to create new opportunities, enter new markets or help build their brands and businesses in new ways. “We believe Locke will be instrumental in moving firm-wide initiatives forward including expansion in existing markets along with developing new ones,” said CEO Mitch Smith. “It’s an exciting time to be at MG2 as we conclude a successful 2017 and are striving to accelerate the growth of each of our markets in 2018.”

Locke said, “Joining MG2 is a milestone in my career; it’s an opportunity to bring together my years of global public affairs and communications experience to this industry. I especially appreciate this firm’s growth mindset and look forward to contributing to MG2’s continuous drive to be world class.”

Locke is well known for her advocacy and community involvement, which aligns well with MG2’s values. As part of her responsibilities, she will also oversee the Marketing team, which consists of business development, graphic design and communications specialists. Her first day is Monday, December 4.

About MG2

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