Account Manager

MG2 is looking for a talented Account Manager to join our Washington, D.C. office! 

Job Description  

The Account Manager role is one of client management, project delivery and team growth. The expectation is that you will be the day-to-day steward of a client account(s) focusing on design excellence, client communication, delivery and financial results. Specifically, you will be responsible and accountable for overseeing and directing the DESIGN & DELIVERY of all the projects (i.e. ‘book of work’) either in a region or across the country for one (or more) of our client account. Experience and expertise leading a client account is required for this position and you must be able to demonstrate both a client management and business acuity. The position calls for experience and success with being client-facing and exhibiting confidence with the execution and delivery of a high volume of work. You will be empowered and expected to carry the client communication and assure that all project milestones are met on time and on budget while actively fostering a strong working relationship with the client(s). The account manager is responsible for the health and wellness of the team members, the client contacts and the financial success of the client program. The account manager will report to the Principal-in-Charge of the client account and will be leading the team of project managers, project architects and support staff.


  • Leadership: Responsible and accountable for the overall success of all the projects within a Client Program account.
  • Client Management: Actively building the working relationship around trust, communication and performance results. Provide a level of service and communication that inspires client loyalty.
  • Communication:
    • Responsible for having awareness of project related issues raised by the client and actively proposing and facilitating solutions to resolve issues swiftly.
    • Reporting regularly to the client, contractors, consultants and Principal-in-charge on the status and resolution of project issues.
    • Actively identifies and mitigates the escalation of project issues and client concerns. Confidence in conflict resolution is required.
    • Periodic strategic/tactical meetings – The account manager is expected to, with guidance from the principal-in-charge to establish a schedule of strategic/tactical meetings to advance the account.
    • Collaborate with other market/studio leaders to ensure compliance with account, project and design/delivery expectations. Share best practices, innovate and actively look for opportunities for improvement.
    • Hold team members accountable for both design/delivery excellence and financial success.
    • Train and mentor staff to provide opportunities for growth and mobility within the firm
  • Management: Responsible & accountable for leading and directing the project managers and resource teams through the design & delivery of all the projects within a client account(s)
  • Project Delivery: Assures that project milestones are achieved, and deadlines met, this includes but is not limited to;
    • Design: 
      • Responsible for actively guiding and leading the overall design process  
      • QA throughout the project(s) to ensure design intent is executed
    • Project charters, work plans, financial targets and staff resource planning are clearly established and adhered to.
    • Project assignments: assigns workload to the project managers
    • Involved in the recruiting, hiring and program on-boarding process
    • Delivery
      • CD/Permit submissions deadlines are met by the Project Managers
      • Construction administration issues are addressed swiftly, and project substantial completions are met
      • Efficiency of the Closeout of projects/contracts in collaboration with MG2’s accounting department
      • Ensure technical quality and thoroughness of documentation meets industry standards
    • Contract/Financial review and reporting
      • Responsible along with Principal-in-charge for fee proposal submissions
      • Facilitate and support the execution of service contracts between MG2 and its outside consultants and clients before work commences
      • Responsible for the review, issuance and collection of fee invoices monthly
      • Annual account budget development and tracking: this will be done in collaboration with the Principal-in-charge.
    • Demonstrate an ability to build a new client programs utilizing the MG2 program management tools and processes while applying your expertise to assist in optimizing the program and achieve greater results.

Expected Behaviors

  • Proactively analyzes and assesses both individual and team performance, exhibiting a drive toward excellence.
  • Establishes a team culture, one in which your influence extends beyond the project level and builds followership across the account and firm’s markets.
  • Consistently works with a sense of urgency when there are client needs and/or concerns.
  • Consistently and confidently assesses situations and can makes decisions swiftly. Comfortable with decision-making on their own while also understanding when a discussion is warranted with their Principal-in-charge.
  • Consistently being available to staff to listen, ask questions, challenge directly and confirm delivery of work and that milestones are being met.
  • Consistently available and communicating up to their Principal-in-charge the status of projects, staff performance, conflict resolutions and client relations.
  • Actively in front of the staff conducting training and development sessions. Sharing knowledge and expertise.
  • Demonstrates a Growth mindset – Business developing – proactively looking for opportunities to provide more service to our client(s). Seeking out those opportunities to add value and become a trusted partner and expert. Work with direct report Principal to acquire the skills needed to grow MG2.

Required Behaviors

Models firm’s Core Values.  We are Confident, Creative, Passionate, and Trusted. We generate Results.


  • Bachelor or Master of Architecture or Project Management Degree preferred
  • Architectural licensure preferred
  • 10+ years of professional experience
  • 3+ years’ experience leading and developing program delivery processes, communication plans and project teams around a client account (i.e. ’Book of work’)
  • Have been consistently authoring service fee proposals and responsible for financial reporting and results
  • Demonstrated an ability to lead large scale/high volume program delivery work for one or more clients
  • Ability to travel, including US and Canada

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