How We Think

Dear Millennials: Thank you for Saving Retail

MG2 is increasingly being approached by brands interested in creating sensory-rich physical environments that are less about selling and more about building offline community. Designing stores with flexible spaces to enable showrooms, classes, pop-up shops, brunches and parties is an ideal way to appeal to multi-tasking Millennials looking to build their skills and networks while simultaneously experiencing products and services curated for them.

Navigating the Sea of Sustainable Design and Construction Choices

This Earth Day, take a moment to look at the built world around you and think about where all of this “stuff” came from and where it might end up before you start sourcing materials for your next project.

Meet me by the Dumpsters: The Neglected Drive-Thru Experience

Knowing that a plethora of people delight in a fast, hot meal from the comfort of the driver’s seat, it is time to pay more attention to the consumer's drive-thru experience.

Client Relationships 101

As I continue to mentor younger staff in my role at MG2 and while serving on the AIA’s Seattle chapter board of directors, I wanted to share a few of my tried and true methods for successful client relationships.