Community Environments

Lougheed Town Centre

Upcycling a community shopping centre

After a successful partnership on The Amazing Brentwood, Shape Properties approached MG2 to reposition another one of its retail developments, Lougheed Town Centre. After five decades of undergoing partial remodels, the shopping centre felt fragmented. The design overhaul of the space is part of an ambitious redevelopment initiative that will add residential and office components, as well as more retail options, to the property. Once construction is complete, the redesigned shopping centre will serve as the core of a new 1,050-foot long indoor / outdoor retail corridor.

By decluttering the shopping centre’s interior – stripping away unnecessary ornamentation and finished and replacing them with simple, clean design details – the environment feels more sophisticated and cohesive.

As an homage to urban marketplace halls, concrete pavers line the floor and park-inspired seating is arranged along planters and screens comprised of lush greenery. With a renovated curved glass roof and multiple pedestrian connectors running through the building, the airy space functions as the grand “living hall” of a burgeoning mixed-use community.