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Visiting the dentist should be personal, not clinical

Smith Dental set out to improve upon the traditional fragmented structure of most dental practices by making it easier for patients to receive comprehensive services including dentistry, orthodontics and oral surgery all in one location. To accommodate this integrated approach to dental care, the start-up practice opened a new facility in Nashville, Tennessee.

Looking to flip the negative connotations associated with “going to the dentist,” Smith Dental worked with MG2 to design a new office space every bit as innovative as its forward thinking business model.

The bold decision was made early in the design process to infuse the environment with a beachside vibe. Inspired by founders Steve Cram and Dr. Rob Smith’s love of the ocean and passion for water sports, Smith Dental offers patients a unique experience. One-of-a-kind art pieces, vibrant treatment rooms named after famous surf spots and refinished furniture accents reflective of surfing and skateboarding culture combine to reduce the stress of patients and present an unexpected twist of fun into their visit.

By implementing design strategies that communicate an authentic lifestyle identity, MG2 has positioned Smith Dental on the forefront of the healthcare industry; one which is rapidly evolving to meet the realities of a consumer-driven future.