• Multiple locations, U.S.
  • Brand design, Specialty retail

Transitioning to a lifestyle brand

West Marine, the largest boating supply retailer in the world, recently saw an opportunity to attract a broader customer base while also balancing its highly seasonal sales. The challenge: transition the West Marine image from that of a boating hardware retailer to a lifestyle brand dedicated to all aspects of life on the water — including apparel, accessories, and new equipment categories like paddle sports.

West Marine selected MG2 to lead them through the process of quickly translating this shift into a large number of existing stores, while designing a new store prototype that is scalable to a variety of regions, marine communities, and store sizes. By examining the customer flow and store data as well as the profiles of traditional and aspirational customers, MG2 developed new shopping zones, merchandising techniques, and bold environmental graphics.

West Marine now offers a compelling experience for every type of customer — whether they need a new anchor, snorkel gear, fishing reel, or fleece jacket.