Community Environments

Wuxi Yinhui Center

The City of Wuxi wanted to revitalize the area surrounding the 1,600-year-old Chong’an Temple by introducing contemporary buildings that would drive commerce. As part of the City’s comprehensive planning guidelines for rejuvenation, Wuxi Yinhui Center is designed to appeal to a new generation of urban dwellers and consumers through modern style and sophistication while also being cognizant of its historic surroundings.

The mixed-use development is located on a very compact site, but careful planning enabled the incorporation of two 60-story office, hotel, and residential towers that are anchored by a retail and entertainment podium. The podium features a unique enclosed version of traditional street shops, composed of two long, curving interior “streets” lined with small stores designed to appear like separate buildings. The shops highlight trendy independent and local brands that speak to a sense of Western individuality that appeals to the younger generation while still reflecting traditional Chinese values.