Meet Our Team

Ben Gist, AIA


With over 20 years of experience owning the full vertical of multi-family and mid-rise housing, Ben Gist has spent his career partnering with clients in cities across the west coast to help them find the perfect solutions to their unique challenges. A passionate champion of the collaboration and open, honest communication, Ben approaches each new project with a solution-oriented mindset, uniting all stakeholders—regardless of where they sit in the process. His years of specialty experience give way to supplementary added value to his clients, such as analyzing a footprint’s square footage to maximize residential units and amenities.

Ben’s deep knowledge and expertise of housing grant him unrivaled insight into the intricacies of all aspects of the industry, from parking and unit layout, to design and materials, all the way through construction and occupancy. Ben finds inspiration in the relationships he builds, the teams he works with, and the possibilities that future challenges hold. When he’s not getting lost in the world of design thinking, you’ll probably find Ben outdoors mountain biking, running, or kicking back with a cold one.