Thinking outside
the big box
for the big city

Building on a successful relationship with Target, MG2 helped the company introduce a new concept to attract consumers in urban locations.

In many parts of the US, cities are growing faster than suburban areas for the first time in decades. As the trend continues, many big box retailers are looking for the right way to reach the urban consumer. To introduce its CityTarget concept in 2012, Target focused on three initial markets including Seattle, which was selected for its vibrant mix of urban dwellers, working professionals, and tourists.

The store design for the Seattle location needed to suit an existing building while effectively serving shoppers with a smaller store footprint. In partnership with Target, MG2 developed a solution that optimized the structure of the existing building while also incorporating features to help shoppers navigate the three-story layout. For example, visual cues created by floor openings, lighting, and merchandise placement effectively draw shoppers up the escalators and through the store.

The CityTarget store format now plays an integral role within Target’s broader business and MG2 has adapted the Seattle store format to new stores in Los Angeles, Boston, and Brooklyn.