Client Leader – Building Design & Project Entitlements

MG2正在寻找有才华的人 Client Leader – Building Design & Project Entitlements 加入我们在华盛顿州西雅图市的办公室!


MG2 is seeking qualified candidates for the position of a Client Leader to work directly with our largest client. The role will be one of daily direct client contact in which you will be expected to lead the Building Design & Project Entitlements process for several projects including new warehouse locations as well as building additions and remodels. You will act as the project leader, serve as the client single point-of-contact and collaborate directly with the consultant team facilitating multiple projects through the pre-design, due diligence, space planning, budgeting, building design & the project approvals process. This is an active role that requires a strong competency in architectural building design, site planning, interior retail space planning, jurisdictional codes, sustainable practices and public presentations.  This role requires expertise and experience in leading projects from conception through the jurisdictional approval process, proactively identifying and mitigating any potential project risks or issues.

This is an in-person client facing role that requires the ability to lead the overall project process with the client and project team. It is required that the candidate be in the DMV (District of Columbia, Maryland, Virginia) area as there are standing weekly meetings requiring attendance at the client’s offices.  Being physically present at these weekly meetings and traveling directly with the client are important keys to success with building the client relationship, confidence and trust. The client values this interaction greatly and as such requires this commitment from the candidate.


Key Experience

  • Guiding projects through the jurisdictional architectural design approvals process including jurisdictional hearings and community meetings. You will be attending and presenting the project design to community groups and jurisdictional boards.
  • Effective people, interpersonal and conflict management skills. Comfortable speaking in front of both small and large groups of people about the project.
  • A well-rounded fundamental comprehension of architectural building design, retail interior space planning, engineering, construction & sustainability practices.
  • Ability to research codes, ordinances and other jurisdictional requirements for a property and apply them to the design of a project.
  • Ability to manage project priorities, risks and to identify issues and proactively facilitate solutions to resolve them.
  • Ability to manage project scope, service fee agreements, schedule and communicate that to the project team.
  • Must be a driven and results-oriented professional that is comfortable in a decision-making role.


  • Leads and manages both the client and project teams through the overall project development process from project conception phase through the design phases (PD,SD,DD) and continues to actively collaborate with the delivery project manager from construction documents through construction administration, reporting to the client the project status throughout the life of the project.
  • Leads the architectural building design process. Engages the design team, communicates the AHJ and client design expectations and assures the quality of the deliverables to the client.
  • Handles Quality Control of project documents. Is responsible for the deliverables to the client or AHJ.
  • Participates in construction costing, scheduling, and phasing with our internal Cost Management team, the general contractor and the client’s real estate and construction departments.
  • Directly negotiates with the client any scope change and additional services as required.
  • Is responsible for the project financials including invoice review and tracks progress in collections and communicates with client as necessary to collect any aging invoices.
  • Leads client & consultant communication and can speak with confidence and knowledge about the drawings and deliverables.
  • Focuses on team ownership and accountability of projects as well as team dynamics so as to grow communication proficiency with leadership team, client, and project team.
  • Ensures projects begin with a project plan, overall schedule and budget work plan in place.
  • Ensures clear milestones are established, communicated regularly with the client through weekly project status updates and results are achieved by the project team. 
  • Actively engages in mentoring and apprenticeship opportunities and encourages the development of the junior staff. Always working to share their expertise and explain the ‘why’ to colleagues.
  • Travel (1-2-day trips) will be required for attendance at site meetings and presentations to various state and local jurisdictions.
  • Maintains consistent rigor around client and team communications. Holds regular meetings with the client and project teams to assure clarity of scope, that the schedule is being met and the deliverables are of a high quality.





  • Bachelor or Master’s Degree of Architecture preferred
  • 具有建筑执照优先
  • 8+ years of architectural & project design management
  • Ability to travel, typically(1-2 day trips) will be required for attendance at site meetings and presentations to various state & local jurisdictions
  • Proven ability and confidence in being client facing and leading the project team including outside consultants and partners
  • A persistent problem-solver with a value-added practice approach
  • Ability to serve as a positive influencer who inspires and motivates the team
  • Entrepreneurial, outgoing personality, confident, a people person with compelling management & design acumen
  • Portfolio of recent built work and projects



MG2一直被《商业杂志》(Business Magazine)评为“最适合工作的100家公司”之一,它与行业领导者,热情的团队和充满活力的客户一起建立成功的项目,并营造令人难忘的体验的环境。我们积极寻求拥有真正价值观的合作伙伴,以增强我们的目标意识,促进团队凝聚力并提高MG2和我们所服务社区的生产力。 MG2建立在信任,激情,创造力和信心之上,可提供绩效驱动的结果。 

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