Fifty years of creating transformative experiences

In 2021, MG2 celebrated its fifty-year anniversary. Given the state of the world, it was a relatively quiet affair: Instead of the momentous events and celebratory toasts with friends, partners, and our communities that we’d have hoped for, we focused inward, commemorating our five decades as a firm together with our teams. But we were not without intention.

Over the course of the year, we collected stories, experiences, memories. Compiled histories, hopes, and dreams. Documented both staggering successes and hard lessons learned. Gathered thoughts and ideas for the future. And with all this fodder, we designed and brought to life a compilation for the ages. Now, we’re ready to share our anthology with the world.

Welcome to Reflections & Refractions.


It started in 1971 with an old desk, a phone, and a rented room.

Reflecting back across fifty years, we unearthed stories from our founder, former president, and long-time employees. Details on acquisitions, mergers, and name changes through the decades. Secrets to some of our most enduring partnerships, and so much more.

Looking Both Ways

“We stand at the crossroads, each minute, each hour, each day, making choices.”

With five decades of projects, partnerships, and programs at our backs, we paused to take a moment and appreciate our stop at this moment in time. Accounts of what made us the firm we are today blend into thoughts on how critical the next few years are to foundationally define who we’ll become.


As the world evolves, so too do we as a firm. The question now is: Who do we want to be when we grow up?

Ever-enduring questions bring an end to our compendium: Where are we going? Who are we becoming? What comes next? As we speculate wildly about what the future holds in our final chapter, one thing is for certain: We are ready to embrace whatever lies on the horizon with full hearts and open minds.

Executive Interviews

Documentary-style interviews from our four Executive Team members as well as former CEO and Executive Director of the MG2 Foundation.

Jerry Lee, former CEO
Russ Hazzard, President
MJ Munsell, CCO
Mitch Smith, CEO
Celeste Lenon, COO


Podcast-style panels held over the course of the year that elevate the voices of our firm. In our six 50th Anniversary panels we explored topics past, present, and future.

Bringing it all together: The design, curation, and creation of our 50th anniversary

To celebrate our fifty years with proper gusto, MG2 designers brought to life a uniquely branded campaign to holistically unite each event throughout our year-long commemoration. Go behind the scenes of the explorations, iterations, and final products that came together to make our anniversary one we’ll never forget.