• Houston, TX
  • 快闪零售


FIT:MATCH revolutionizes apparel retail experience using AI and 3D measurement technology at Houston’s Baybrook Mall.


On a mission to eradicate “fit risk” and therefore significantly improve apparel shopper satisfaction and apparel retail economics, FIT:MATCH is about increasing satisfaction, saving time, eliminating the need to try-on product, and offering a more personalized, rewarding and enjoyable shopping experience overall for shoppers as well as benefiting retailers. To collect data, drive social interaction and media impressions, the FIT:MATCH Studio experience at Baybrook uses a 3D measurement tool to presents the shopper with a personalized assortment that delivers their best fit matches, based on their accurate biometric and fit profile data. 


MG2 was hired to source and manage the production of the immersive pop-up as well as provided design consultation for optimal layout in a retail environment and customer flow within the pop-up space.


FIT:MATCH was an incredible success, projecting to collect over 12,000 customer measurements and over 1,800,000 unique data points that will allow FIT:MATCH to more effectively match consumers with the brands/styles they love leading to higher conversion rates and significantly reduced returns. 80% of shoppers who have entered the FIT:MATCH studio have gotten Fitched (3D measured) highlighting the experiential and fun nature of the AI-powered women’s apparel matching platform. FIT:MATCH was featured in WWD, leading to significant inbound interest from potential women’s apparel brand partners.