Arquitectonica的Jooyeol Oh加入MG2

“We mined their private archives for the historical jackets on the walls, sourced vintage pieces at the entry and throughout the store,” says Melissa Gonzalez, Founder of Lionesque Group. A series of orange shadow boxes displays Alpha’s historic styles including the MA-1 and its predecessor the B-150D flight jacket along one wall. In all, visitors can view more than two dozen vintage items throughout.

全球建筑设计业务MG2与Arquitectonica前副总裁Jooyeol Oh扩大了高级团队,Jooyeol Oh以设计负责人的身份加入了公司西雅图办事处。 Jooyeol是一位富有远见的设计师,拥有20多年的经验,他屡获殊荣的建筑物和总体规划在国际上享有盛誉,并且最近担任了将位于纽约市的办公楼的首席设计师。 曼哈顿哈德逊广场的西部.



——MG2首席执行官米奇·史密斯(Mitch Smith)


“There is a unique opportunity at MG2 to take on and contribute to the design practice, advancing the firm’s reputation and ensuring our values reflect in everything we do. After years of exceptional project experiences in the world’s biggest architectural playground, I get to return to my Pacific Northwest roots.”

—Jooyeol Oh, Principal, MG2