• Multiple Locations, Asia
  • 工业,大型零售

Costco Wholesale Asia

The secrets to a successful global expansion

When industry leader 开市客 sought expansion overseas, there were numerous nuanced considerations—culture, capacity, jurisdictional requirements, materials, cost, timeframes, structure variants, building codes, and beyond—that Costco needed to consider in order to ensure their debut in Asia would be an outright success. They employed long-time partner MG2 to help them tackle these challenges and provide a localized, reliable, inherently “Costco Wholesale” experience for new consumer bases across multiple countries.

Taking up residence in urban areas experiencing explosive population growth, real estate and structure footprint are major considerations with each Costco Wholesale designed and built in Asia. The employment of multilevel retail warehouses—a more common practice overseas than here in the United States—provide spatial solutions, but still require careful programming and custom resolutions that designers consider and tailor to each unique location.

虽然在美国的批发零售商那里购物是独一无二的,但在日本,中国,台湾和韩国这样的国家(在Costco Wholesale里度过一天可以成为目的地的家庭),体验可能会不同且新颖。范围的事件。 Costco和MG2团队认真分析并记录了每个地点的购物习惯,并考虑了容量控制,文化规范和社区偏好等变化。部门的设计旨在在商店内部进行调整,以适应地区口味,例如日本强大的寿司部门。


凭借我们对Costco项目知识的广度和深度以及数十年来与国家/地区经理的合作,MG2不断为特殊挑战(例如在开业后增加新部门)提供即时解决方案。根据每个地点的独特设计要求,我们的团队已与Costco Wholesale运营部门紧密合作,就每种结构的需求进行了标准化,以充分利用空间。除了简化我们的流程外,MG2还能够控制因国家/地区而异的软成本,从而确保没有任何项目超出预算。

我们的共生关系一直持续到今天,我们最新的项目利用突破性技术(例如VR演练)让高管在新地点开业之前查看楼层。随着Costco Wholesale在中国和其他地区的扩张计划不断壮大,MG2的设计不断突破界限,并彻底改变了亚洲的批发购物体验。