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Kohl’s Innovation Center

Kohl's Headquarters

A connected center for innovation

When working with long-time client Kohl’s, MG2 was entrusted with redeveloping an existing warehouse into a new innovation center for several critical divisions of its company. The challenge was not only transforming a windowless manufacturing facility the size of five football fields into an engaging and interactive space, but to do so in less than 20 months and with a limited budget.

Creating natural light sources to fill the large, dark space was achieved by replacing the concrete wall panels with floor to ceiling windows while openings in the ceiling were creatively engineered to allow for the installation of skylights. MG2 also created five different mezzanines to establish departmental zones within the larger space, which include offices and conferences rooms. Color was used to further differentiate the various departments within these zones. To connect the campus to its satellite offices, three ballroom-sized spaces – capable of holding 1,500 people – were developed to house AV equipment and serve as a centralized communications hub for its facilities.