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sustainable architecture design

Purpose-driven by nature. Data-driven by design.

MG2 is committed to sustainable architecture design. We advocate manufacturers for materials that positively impact human health, the climate, the environment, and society. We are mindful the decisions we make today affect future generations. By implementing restorative measures, we efficiently transform the built environment. Our AIA 2030 Sustainability Action Plan lays out our commitment to our planet’s future.

The art of change

Every day we’re working toward building a culture of advocates who implement restorative measures that positively impact future generations.

Sustainable mindset

We’re helping revolutionize the industry through a sustainable design charter that reduces embodied carbon, energy, and water usage.

Ethical sourcing

MG2 is driving a rigorous specification process that limits material selections to those that are ethical, sustainable, and durable.

MG2 sustainable materials library for architecture

Our unique offerings

MG2 has worked closely with dozens of vendors to create a rigorously ethical and sustainable specification process for our extensive materials library, holding all products to the highest possible standards for human health, environment, and ethics.

This has resulted in an ability to offer unique services and materials that can be fully implemented into the design process, or independently at any stage of a project.

Sustainable design services

Materials Audit & Rating

MG2 works with our partners to rigorously vet specifications and current vendor relationships to ensure they align with the goals for desired certifications or brand guidelines.

Sustainable Materials Advisor

Any design endeavor can be a sustainable one. MG2’s Sustainability Design Lab experts advise and help clients select from a wide variety of fixtures, finishes, and materials.

Sustainable Architecture Certifications

From LEED to Living Building Challenge Petal Certification, MG2 has helped clients select the green building rating system that’s right for their future, meeting rigorous certification standards for global recognition.

Best Practices Guidelines & Documentation

For brands who are ready for a more sustainable future but aren’t sure where to start. Beginning with goal alignment, our experts create custom-tailored sustainability guidelines based on their unique variables.

Program Materials Evaluation & Recommendations

For brands ready to fully commit to a sustainable future for our planet, MG2 can deeply evaluate and understand the carbon footprint of existing builds, analyze specific regulations, and implement compliance requirements.


An optimized approach

From strategy and planning to implementation and refinement, MG2 employs sustainable strategies that promote optimal performance and support an economical and ecological world.