Purpose-driven by nature, data-driven by design.

MG2 is committed to sustainable architectural design. Our work shapes urban skylines, transforms suburban landscapes, and positively impacts the communities we build. However, architecture is a double-edged sword, and we now face an environmental challenge impacted by every structure we erect. That’s why MG2 has committed to the AIA 2030 Challenge. Together with our partners and clients, we’re advancing our designs, lowering their energy consumption, and striving for carbon neutrality by 2030.

To learn more about our sustainability commitment, read our Sustainability Action Plan.

Sustainable Design Services

Operating Energy Optimization

Energy Efficiency Design Services, Energy Modeling and Benchmarking, Predicted Energy Use Intensity (pEUI) Reduction

At MG2, building energy performance is part of the design process, not an afterthought. We benchmark our projects, leverage the power of energy modeling to inform design decisions, and strive for lower levels of predicted energy use intensity (pEUI) from the outset.

Embodied Carbon Reduction

Carbon Footprint Analysis, Sustainable Building Materials and Assembly Selection, Life-Cycle Assessment (LCA) Services

Everything we build, from individual materials to assemblies to entire buildings, has CO2 “trapped” in it, known as embodied carbon. MG2 is equipped to help reduce the embodied carbon footprint of our designs through product-phase carbon analyses or full-blown life-cycle assessments (LCA).

Sustainable Materials Sourcing

Eco-Friendly Materials Specification and Selection, Sustainable Finishes and Fixtures Sourcing, Green Building Certification Support

MG2 works with our partners to vet specifications and ensure they align with the goals for desired certifications or brand guidelines. Our sustainability materials experts help clients select from a range of fixtures, finishes, and materials.

Water Use Reduction

Water-Efficient Architecture Services, Irrigation and Indoor Water Use Optimization, and Sustainable Landscape Architecture Partnerships

Designing for optimized water usage is easier than many people think. At MG2, we partner with MEP engineers and landscape architects to ensure our designs are optimized for indoor and irrigation water uses.

Sustainable Architecture & Design Consulting

Customized Sustainability Guidelines, Carbon Footprint Analysis, Regulatory Compliance Support, Green Building Program Recommendations

Beginning with goal alignment, our experts are equipped to create custom-tailored sustainability guidelines, best practices, and program recommendations based on our client’s unique variables. MG2 evaluates the carbon footprint of existing designs and builds, analyzes specific regulations, and helps implement compliance requirements.

We are members of the following organizations and support their commitment to sustainable design.