We are architects, designers, and strategists.

Solving problems that transform businesses

We immerse ourselves in our client’s challenges and use unconventional, innovative solutions to turn concepts into reality.

Our Vision

Creating Transformative Experiences

Our Values

Design Excellence

We push the boundaries of design through critical thinking and rigorous exploration.

Integrated Approach

We bring multi-disciplinary expertise with a strategic mindset to every project.

Social Responsibility

We advocate diversity and environmental sustainability.


We drive change and build trusted partnerships.


We create solutions that lead to meaningful outcomes for our clients.

We drive change.

Social Responsibility

We have an obligation to act in the best interest of the environment and the future of our society. We strive to live and design in an ethical way for our planet and its permanence.

Sustainably Minded

With the livelihood of future generations hanging in the balance, sustainability is at the forefront of every design choice we make. MG2 proudly champions restorative measures and prioritizes ethical materials in our build environments.

Community engagement

MG2’s connection to—and involvement— in our communities is led by the passion of our employees. Each year we proudly grow and build upon our dedication and partnerships with charitable organizations.

An Equitable Future

MG2 is leading the transformation in the architecture and design industry by addressing unconscious bias, fostering inclusivity, focusing on transparency, and promoting individual development in order to create an equitable culture.

We are defined by our people

Our mantra is “people make the place”. This phrase has driven every decision, project, and strategy that we make. With candor and transparency at the helm, MG2 invests heavily in shaping effective leaders, elevating career growth as a priority, and investing in mental and physical well-being.

  • Abbie Drake

    Abbie Drake

    “[I’m inspired by] honest, bold and down-to-earth people. Hearing someone share their story in an honest way inspires me to do the same.” Read more

  • Scott Owen

    Scott Owen

    “Having the opportunity to teach junior associates is one of the main reasons I love what I do. I take a lot of pride in seeing my team members develop professionally and achieve their goals along the way.” Read more

  • Tim Zielke

    Tim Zielke

    “Each time I have a conversation with someone new and hear their story or interests I find myself motivated in ways I didn’t expect.” Read more

  • Grace Lounsbury

    Grace Lounsbury

    “I’ve been at MG2 for nearly two years and not once have I felt pigeon-holed.” Read more