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Our Mission

Only 37% of consumers believe brands live their purpose, but MG2 Advisory can help you change that statistic. We strategically collaborate with clients and internal design teams to create spaces that reflect diverse and multidimensional personas. Leading with context and insights, we are positive agitators that pierce complacency creating experiences and environments that align with your target consumers’ or residents’ behaviors and expectations, as well as their emotional, social, and psychological needs.

Advisory Services

  • Macro trends analysis
  • Behavioral insights
  • Brand and operational analysis
  • Digital engagement strategy
  • Competitive benchmarking
  • Targeted focus groups
  • Qualitative surveys
  • Field studies
  • SME interviews
  • White-space differentiation
  • Vision and positioning
  • Design exploration recommendations
  • Experience attributes and optimization
  • Future testing framework
NAVY EXCHANGE tapped MG2 Advisory to reimagine stores, department by department, to identify opportunities to optimize visitor experiences and boost customer lifetime value. Read our Navy Exchange case study to learn more.

Our Model

Using our proprietary I.M.I.O. Model, we put data at the center of our strategic process to help our clients create spaces that not only reflect their unique differentiators, but also capitalize on new market opportunities and consumer behaviors.





Learn how the I.M.I.O. methodology can help you drive internal innovation.


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Our Impact

By combining cognitive understanding and creative ideation, MG2 Advisory acts as an extension of clients’ teams by providing the guidance and tactical support needed to reimagine environments that drive engagement and loyalty.

NORDSTROM LOCAL engaged MG2 Advisory research and insights to develop an experience that aligned with consumers’ new omnichannel behaviors and expectations.

MOMA DESIGN STORE worked with MG2 Advisory to develop a strategic roadmap that improved synergy between its ecommerce site and three physical stores.

BOOHOO consulted MG2 Advisory to execute an interactive mirror experience that allowed shoppers to easily recognize and catalog items of interest.

PRESTIGE BEAUTY COMPANY partnered with our Consumer Experiences team, MG2 Advisory, and our Sustainability team to assess and develop a customized, scalable sustainability program for both new and existing retail stores.

Our Insights

Insights are the core of our design thinking. Our multifaceted research methodology combines cultural, industry, and audience analysis to create rich, data-driven reports that help our community understand and apply the latest in generational and category trends. Explore our insights and see how we can help you unlock new ideas and opportunities.


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