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Summer Internship Program

Now accepting applications for the 2024 Summer Internship Program

Applications for the 2024 Summer Internship Program are now open. Use the links below to apply!

“My education taught me a lot, but you can’t beat graduating with some experience.”

– Alison Ferell | Intern 2019-2020

Students are the future


Focus on learning

We want to be a part of the education journey by prioritizing on-the-job learning that bridges the gap between formal education and the ‘real world.’

Maximize firm exposure

We aim to be team-minded on a daily basis and provide other opportunities for interns to see into all markets of our business.

Build connections

The internship program is a forum where interns are able to interact and foster relationships with each other as well as people across the organization.

Provide professional inspiration

We want to prepare interns for the future by placing a spotlight on the different roles, responsibilities, and teamwork it takes to execute a project.

“It is incredible to be part of a company that encourages each individual to embrace their unique talents, knowing that it will foster a strong and beautiful community.”

– Jessica Bone | Summer 2019 Intern


Get an inside look into what you’ll experience with MG2’s Summer Internship Program. Applications are due April 5, 2024.