• Seattle, WA
  • Brand design, Hospitality

Luxury and authenticity are two characteristics that top modern travelers’ list of must-haves. Now more than ever, tourists’ penchant for the good-life intersects with their desire to become immersed in the locale they are visiting.

But just “how small” are guests willing to go when booking their next hotel room to get that authentic experience? At what point do the physical parameters of a diminutive guest room begin to impede upon the traditional hotel luxuries guests have come to expect?

MG2’s team of designers embarked on a design exercise to explore those very questions. As part of the 2016 Seattle Design Festival, MG2 presented a temporary, micro-luxury lodging concept designed to be used in a variety of ways: from shelter at a music festival to hoteliers needing additional rooms for major events or for camping in the Olympic National Forest.

Interested in pushing this theoretical design possibility further into the realm of reality, the MG2 team created a full-scale mockup of a guest room module, accompanied by a curated physical and virtual retail showroom experience.

The project was awarded Best in Category/INConcept design as part of the IIDA Northern Pacific Chapter’s INAwards.