• Fuzhou, China
  • Hospitality, Master plan, Retail development
Community Environments

Fuzhou Heritage Park

Creating cultural inspiration with zero carbon impact

The Fuzhou Strait Intangible Cultural Heritage Ecological Park is designed to preserve and showcase the “intangible” artistic and agrarian traditions of the region through tourism and economic development. These traditions and cultural influences are reflected in the park’s expansive master plan as well as its architecture, materials, landscaping, and entertainment that speak to traditional village life in the region.

Visitors can explore a winding series of live-work artist residences and galleries showcasing the traditional art forms of stone carving, cork carving, and lacquer painting. Guests can enjoy hospitality lodging as well as shopping, dining, and nature excursions. Hiking trails radiate from the park’s central village plazas and climb to nearby mountain summits as well as to natural hot and cold springs. Visitors can also experience traditional Jasmine tea cultivation from a plateau overlooking the tea fields.

The Fuzhou Strait Intangible Cultural Heritage Ecological Park will welcome visitors into an immersive experience that will expand the awareness of important cultural traditions. The park was also designed to target zero carbon impact, to further preserve the local culture and the environment.