We asked the community, “How do we want to live?”

November 2020 / By Abbie Drake

In 2017, MG2 explored the question, ‘How do YOU want to live?’ for our interactive Design in Public installation hosted by Seattle’s Design Festival. The data we collected was illuminating, however, the key messages focused on the individual rather than communities.

This year, we asked participants of the Seattle Design Festival, ‘How do WE want to live?’, which was driven by the dramatic social and economic changes happening in 2020.

The only way to get our questions answered was to ask real people.

Though this year has been challenging, it also gave MG2 a robust opportunity to collect insights from our national communities that inform future design decisions focused on physical spaces, cultural impact, and well-being of people.

We took a human-centered approach to formulating questions and sent out a survey to gather the data. The aim was to explore how we, as a collective society, want to move forward.