Jul 3, 2017

20 Incredible Tree Houses You Can Spend the Night In

Skamania Lodge tree houses make Architectural Digest's list of luxurious abodes that place guests in the heart of nature.

Gone is the image of the treehouse as something bare and rustic that Robinson Crusoe would have built. Many of these modern treehouse-style hotels feature canopied beds, fully stocked kitchens, and other amenities that would make guests at even the best traditional high-end properties green with envy. The lodgings here, from all nooks of the globe, are truly worth the climb and are perfect for spending a few starry nights in.

Skamania Lodge, a Destination Hotel, debuted its treehouses last fall amid the tall Douglas firs of the Columbia River Gorge, 45 miles east of Portland, Oregon. Designed by the Seattle-based firm MG2, each treehouse has modern amenities and generously sized windows, a double bed deck and an indoor-outdoor fireplace. Additional houses are being added this year and hammocks are found aplenty amid the firs.

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