427,000 Square Foot Bellevue South Project Granted Preliminary Approval Last Week

March 1, 2018

MG2 is designing a four-story mixed-use building for KG Investment Properties. The building will feature retail, medical offices, a grocery store and a public plaza.

Seattle, KG Investment Properties, Fuller/Sears Architects, MG2, Eastside Rail Corridor Trail, Bellevue South, Central Business District

Bellevue’s Central Business District has experienced an unprecedented amount of development activity over the last several years, and another new project located just one mile from Bellevue’s downtown core is underway.

On February 22nd, a 4-story mixed-use property was granted preliminary approval to proceed in the city’s design review process.

Bellevue-based KG Investment Properties is proposing the development of Bellevue South, a 4-story mixed-use building totaling approximately 426,769 square feet. The development will include roughly 97,600 square feet of retail (for multiple tenants); 40,200 square feet of commercial amusements/entertainment, grocery space and 45,000 square feet of medical office space. Additionally, the project will include a public plaza, attached to the grocery tenant along the street, as well as 695 parking spaces in a three-level open-air structure, according to public documents filed with the city.

Fuller/Sears Architects is designing Bellevue South, according to the project plans. Fuller/Sears was acquired by Seattle-based architecture firm MG2 in October 2017.

And the developer last week received positive news about the project underway: on February 22nd, the development was granted preliminary approval to proceed; the applicant team has until March 8th to submit a Building Permit application to the city for review. The overall design of the project—including elements relating to the building’s integration with the…

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