Largest Costco in the World Officially Opens Today

November 12, 2015

ABC News highlights MG2 client Costco Wholesale's new 235,000 sq ft warehouse in Salt Lake City, UT.


From ABC News:

Customers may need a map along with their membership cards to shop at the Salt Lake Costco, which is dubbed by the company as the largest worldwide.

“We decided to add a business center and combined it with a (traditional consumer) warehouse for a hybrid,” said general manager Craig Jamieson. “Currently, we’re the largest Costco on the planet,”

Costco is helping customers acclimate to the new building by giving them layouts of the 235,000-square-foot facility, where traditional consumers and business owners alike can shop.

It’s estimated that the perimeter loop of the store is a third of a mile long. Jamieson said the expanded space is about 42 percent bigger than the average Costco warehouse store.

Originally 165,000 square feet when it opened in 1994, the Salt Lake warehouse added the business center to serve customers like coffee shop owners and academic institutions. Now, the facility is about 235,000 square feet.

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