MG2 Brings Surf Culture to Smith Dental Office in Nashville, Tennessee

March 5, 2016

Experience features one-off art pieces, colorful treatment rooms — each tied to a famous surf location — and various accents reflective of west coast surf and skate culture.

It might be hard to find surfable waves in landlocked Nashville, Tennessee, but that never stopped Steven Cram and Dr. Rob Smith of Smith Dental from passionately pursuing all things water-bound. Dentists by trade, the ocean loving team hired Seattle-based MG2 to infuse their office with a beachside vibe.

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Reclaimed wood panelling, bold striped carpet, and mismatched décor create an environment that’s modern, novel, and might just make the next trip to the dentist a bit more enjoyable.

The Trestles room is named after a grouping of surf spots at San Onofre State Beach in San Diego County, CA.

A coat of vibrant neptune paint, metal paneling and skateboards completes the experience.

Surfboards sit outside treatment rooms along the main corridor.

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