Skamania Lodge’s New Luxury Tree Houses

January 16, 2017

The Columbia River Gorge is home to one of the newest, fanciest treehouses around. Michael King of Evening Magazine visits the project inspired by the playful mind of a 7-year-old.

“Hayden came up and said daddy you should build some treehouses at Skamania Lodge,” says Todd Gillespie.

Todd Gillespie is the marketing guy at Skamania Lodge. He took his son’s idea and ran with it. As part of a $6 million Renaissance at the resort, they created a pair of forest getaways right on the edge of the fairway.

If you do see Sasquatch, you can safely watch him from your deck with its indoor-outdoor fireplace. There’s a walk-in shower and a king-size bed in these cozy elevated cabins that sleep four.

Seattle architect MG2 designed the plans that take lodging new heights amongst the tall Douglas Firs.

“It’s very secluded. And it’s a corner of the property. People really, it’s your little corner of the world while you’re there,” said Gillespie.

And if you ever do want to leave your little treehouse, the resort is just across the bridge…

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