• More than 15 locations worldwide
  • Industrial, Master plan
Client Programs

Ritchie Brothers Auctioneers

Ritchie Bros

Program unification through iteration

MG2, Ritchie Bros.’ select corporate architect, has worked on more than fifteen of the auctioneer’s projects around the world since 2007. Before our partnership, the company replicated outmoded concepts for all their new builds without iteration, resulting in each location running into the same problems time and again.

Each location presented MG2 with unique challenges and opportunities for innovation, from navigating site conditions internationally to undertaking master planning in Dubai and Beijing, to determining how to establish new utility infrastructure in rural areas.

From the onset, MG2 immersed ourselves in the program by leveraging lean design methodologies and benchmarking analysis. The team toured existing, preferred facilities, spending time with the construction teams, vendors, and staff, learning their pain points, and documenting areas of opportunity.

Based on what they learned and leveraging a fresh perspective of the barriers the client was facing, MG2 created a new prototype, set of design guidelines, and specs. For each build, we were able to customize, observe, and refine solutions, making each new location better than the last. Finally, we worked hand-in-hand with Ritchie Bros. teams to successfully maintain their facilities and implement behavioral changes, ensuring guidelines were followed both now and in the future.

Ritchie Bros

Through it all, MG2 provided comprehensive architectural services while providing coordination with Ritchie Bros.’ other project partners and consultants to deliver project success again and again.