Paying homage to San Diego’s rich social history, Winslow is a multi-family residential complex designed to inspire moments of nostalgia for residents who live amongst its destination-specific, boutique experience. 

At the intersection of three different neighborhoods, Winslow is nestled just around the corner from San Diego’s iconic Boulevard sign. This historic landmark—coupled with the neighborhood’s diverse heritage and legacy—provided ample sources of inspiration for the rich palettes used throughout. The resulting design is a playful, energetic, yet sophisticated blend of “mid-century modern meets Havana fiesta”.

Upon arrival, residents are greeted with an open mailroom and leasing office, in addition to a coworking space that harmonizes the design’s story and unifies the landscaped street with the welcoming entryway. Patterns, custom artwork, and colorful wall coverings draw visitors inward; hand-sketched agave wayfinding signs guide them through hallways adorned with black and white palms, and seas of rich turquoise, deep auburn, and burnt orange. MG2 designers coordinated heavily with our lighting and landscape contractors to achieve both a glowing effect throughout, and a visual flow from the pool and patio inside toward the fitness center and fireplace lounge with tiled precision. 

Finishes and furnishings subtly nod to San Diego’s decades-old social club scene, with curved, wrap-around conversation pit-style couches and hanging metal beads that give the impression of grand chandeliers. Inside the luxury units, residents have a choice between a warmer or cooler color scheme, both of which feature classic, contemporary neutral palettes that allow tenants to truly make their space their own.