Research & Insights – December 2023

In-store Tech: Delivering Value or Falling Flat? Consumers Have Thoughts on What Drives Impact

Today’s customers want everything, everywhere, and all the time. And, while they still desire a balanced mix of traditional, remote, and self-service channels, they are becoming channel agnostic and increasingly tech savvy. In this report, we examine how brands and retailers can benefit from understanding their consumers’ technology needs and preferences, giving them the opportunity to serve their audience through phygital experiences that deliver value.

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Consumer Adoption of Technology Has Evolved and So Has Their Baseline Expectation

Over the years we have investigated consumers’ awareness and appetite for in-store technology and have witnessed adoption trends rise with both operational and experiential technologies. As consumer engagement across various technologies in store has become more habitual, consumer perception has evolved. An augmented reality experience in store may appear incredibly fun and immersive, but is it easy to use and navigate? A self check out offering may appear to save time, but was it seamless as promised? Consumers are looking to brands and retailers to apply technology in store that is rooted in intentionality and purpose, delivering something new while meeting baseline needs and expectations.

In our comprehensive investigation, we take a deeper dive into understanding what technology can solve for and we examine consumer perception as it relates to the value technology delivers, as well as the opportunities these findings illuminate for creating experiences in store that both attract new consumers and maintain the loyalty of existing ones.

Key Takeaway

In order for retailers and brands to engage in a successful in store digital experience, they must first understand what matters most to their audience. Consumer expectations are at an all time high and they do not understand, nor do they care about a technology’s limitations. If something is implemented that promises to enhance the experience and it under performs, retailers run the risk of losing consumer trust and loyalty. Prior to implementation, brands need to strategically assess where to lean in and how best to make good on delivering value. 

By making strategic and purposeful technology integration decisions, retailers can deliver a transformative experience. But without purpose behind it, these integrations will fall flat. 

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