Industry Leader David Schmitz Joins MG2

“The company continues to provide flexible work schedules with hybrid work options for most positions. MG2 emphasizes sustainable design and also offers extensive leadership training and coaching along with yearly education opportunities.”

MG2 has expanded its senior team to include David Schmitz, a former Vice President at CallisonRTKL, who joins the Irvine office as an Associate Principal.

An award-winning, LEED accredited project manager and team leader, David has spent over thirty years advancing the future of entertainment, shopping, and mixed-use complexes in the United States and beyond. David’s recent and notable work on the King of Prussia mall won the ICSC 2019 North America Design and Development Award for Renovations.

David will be leading complex teams across diverse areas of practice and driving solutions that transform our client’s enterprise. In particular, he will be shaping next-generation consumer experiences and community environments by meeting the rapidly evolving needs of these shifting landscapes. 

“David’s expertise in delivering complex, adaptive reuse projects, along with his ability to advance the retail world and connect communities, are a perfect match for MG2’s experiential design practice. We’re always looking to push the envelope on what’s next for consumers, and David’s passion and prowess will help us realize our mission.”

Mitch Smith, CEO, MG2

David’s enthusiasm for mentoring the next generation of designers and project leaders advances MG2’s open, empathetic culture. He is a virtuoso in cultivating connections between colleagues and clients through the art of problem-solving. Under David’s influence, high-performing teams pioneer new ways of working that result in unique solutions, inviting spaces, and unforgettable experiences.