Research & Insights – August 2023

Luxury Home Fixtures: Elevating the Retail Environments Through Sensorial Experiences

As the home improvement industry continues to scale in response to growing cross-generational consumer interest, we examine how this newfound focus on premium home fixtures allows for imaginative and innovative retail store design opportunities, wherein consumers can have a deeper sensorial experience that helps demystifies the decision making process and results in long term loyalty.

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Consumers desire store experiences that go beyond the product itself

The pandemic shined a spotlight on the joys and comfort that come with being home. As consumers discovered opportunities to enhance their living space, the market for premium home fixtures experienced significant growth. From cooking at home more, to celebrating the ritual of entertaining, to a larger focus on skincare, the upkeep of both the kitchen and bathroom have become core areas of focus when thinking about luxury living. 

In this survey, we investigate what motivates consumers when it comes to design inspiration for their homes and through this analysis illuminate opportunities for designing premium home fixture store environments that are not only a destination, but a place that facilitates informative dialogue while fueling one’s imagination.

Key Takeaway

As consumers continue to enhance their home by layering in luxurious touches throughout, brands and retailers in the premium fixtures industry have the opportunity to surprise and delight consumers by reimagining the store environment. Rather than a transactional experience, luxury consumers are looking for an elevated experience that makes them feel seen, heard and valued. 

To identify what delivers value and drives engagement in store, it is important we first understand consumer preferences and motivations, including being both inspired and informed in store, as well as the design elements that spark the imagination. We see this demonstrated through insights around consumer interest related to product testing opportunities, displays that celebrate style and mood and technology that is both experiential and personal, all while maintaining an essence of convenience and ease. 

Consumers want to feel confident that they are investing in brands that deliver on aesthetic and performance, and they are looking to brands to maintain an ongoing relationship with them based on their tastes and preferences. Whether a consumer has acquired luxury fixtures in the past or they are dreaming of the day this becomes their reality, consumers are seeking out products for their home that make them feel something special and keep them imagining for years to come. 

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