Research & Insights – April 2024

What Men Want: Store Experiences that Demystify and Bolster Confidence

Men’s grooming behaviors and habits continue to change. Long gone are the days where a shave and a splash of cologne was all that was socially acceptable. Today, men are prioritizing their appearance more than ever before, resulting in many male consumers seeking out skincare regimens, makeup, and hair health products as part of their self-care pursuits. This evolution in behaviors has led to the destigmatization of the men’s grooming industry. In this report, we examine how brands and retailers can benefit from knowing what their male consumers want and need from the in-store shopping experience, going from provider to partner on their grooming journey.

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What We Learned

Per our investigation, our respondents shared the following key insights as it relates to their perception of men’s grooming offerings in-store and the touchpoints that matter most:


Nearly 50% of respondents chose private testing areas for trying new products and brands in a dedicated grooming zone as a key driver of their comfortability and confidence

Product Discovery

62% of respondents prefer to independently test and try products rather than a sales representative led experience as a means for product discovery


48% of respondents said physical or digital signage that features content showcasing best sellers in the grooming category as well as how to achieve a 5-10 minute skincare routine would be valuable to them


52% of all respondents indicated they want to see catered assortments of preventative health products in men’s grooming environments, and more than one-third were interested in products for an active lifestyle


Roughly 50% of respondents said they would benefit most from knowing which are the right products that match their skin or hair type from using a clienteling service

Evolving Behaviors & Fresh Perspectives: Men’s Grooming Continues to Rise

The desire to feel good and look good is not new however the need for education and direction is on the rise. Male consumers are eager to understand the self-care options available to them, propelling the grooming industry to new heights. The global male grooming market is expected to be worth $115 billion by 2028, which is up from an estimated $80 billion in 2022 and $74.8 billion in 2021 1. A major contributing factor are online community forums, such as TikTok’s male grooming content with their #GRWM (Get Ready With Me) multi step routine videos made by male creators. The increased demand for exposure to brands that will support their needs has also resulted in the unique positioning and promotion of grooming, such as the GQ annual Grooming Awards. Additionally, there is now a Men’s Grooming Day the third Friday of every August, encouraging men to buy and use grooming products and proactively manage their appearance. With increased familiarity, comes greater opportunities for education and connectivity. Brands and retailers can take advantage of this growing market by bringing online connectivity into physical experiences, fueling a greater sense of confidence, awareness, and brand affinity for the consumer.

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