Research & Insights

Meeting the Consumer Where They Are

January 2021 / By Melissa Gonzalez, Nick Caputo

In our constant curiosity and investigation of consumer behaviors and expectations, we utilize data insights to help uncover and validate where we can deliver true points of gratification within the customer journey. Here is a snapshot of key takeaways from our latest consumer survey. Our full deck is available for download at the bottom of this preview.


There is no question that years worth of changes have been accelerated into less than 12 months. Necessity has been a key impetus to change and consumers are evolving their behaviors at a record pace. 2020 was the year of quick pivots to account for social distancing and safety measures. 2021 will be a year of refining the in-store environment to create experiences that deliver upon points of gratification. With the rise of flexible fulfillment and contactless payments, retail can easily become overladen with transactional moments, versus harnessing the opportunity to transform from click and collect to click and connect with your customers. The lines are blurring across demographics when it comes to online-offline fluidity and brands and retailers best positioned will be those that design for delight, maintaining an emotional connection regardless of the touch point.

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