MG2 Partners with Smith Dental to Create Innovative Patient Experience Inspired by Surf Culture

March 3, 2016

Today, the Nashville-based dental practice celebrates its official grand opening.

Working with Seattle design firm MG2, Smith Dental recognized an opportunity to flip the negative connotations associated with “going to the dentist” by infusing its new office with a vibrant beachside aesthetic. Today, the Nashville-based dental practice celebrates its official grand opening.

Influenced by founders Steve Cram and Dr. Rob Smith’s love of the ocean and passion for water sports, Smith Dental offers patients a unique experience. One-of-a-kind art pieces, colorful treatment rooms named after famous surf spots and refinished furniture accents reflective of surfing and skateboarding culture combine to reduce the stress of patients and present an unexpected twist of fun.

“We wanted to add original touches throughout the office to create a modern atmosphere,” said MG2 Senior Associate Peter Stocker. “Steve and Rob are thrill-seekers in real life, which probably has a lot to do with why they were comfortable taking a risk and breaking away from the industry norms.”

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Before co-founding Smith Dental, Cram owned and operated Tennessee Orthodontic Care. After a successful ten years that saw the treatment of thousands of patients, he would go on to partner with Dr. Smith in July 2015 to form Smith Dental. Their first office is located in the greater Nashville area in the city of Smyma, Tennessee. The company’s business model, which aims to improve upon the traditional fragmented structure of most dental practices, offers patients comprehensive services including dentistry, orthodontics and oral surgery inside the comfort of a 4,500 sq. ft. facility.

“We’re excited to be offering both orthodontics and dentistry in the same location as it allows our team to build lifelong relationships with patients,” explains Cram. “The idea is that by establishing a level of trust with a patient, it increases the likelihood they’ll adopt a more proactive approach to their dental care, maintain good oral health habits and be less likely to require more dental work in the future.”

The new office design will no doubt appeal to the playfulness of kids and teenagers, but it is Smith Dental’s dedication to accommodating people’s busy schedules that will attract patients of all ages. Smith Dental routinely sees patients until 8:00 pm during the week, in addition to offering Saturday appointments.

About Smith Dental

Established in 2015, Smith Dental is a comprehensive dental practice offering dentistry, orthodontics and oral surgery to patients in the greater Nashville area. Smith Dental is recognized for its dedication to patients and their families. Their caring professional staff enables patients to conveniently schedule and manage their dental care within a collaborative setting that is focused on delivering the best available care. For more information, visit