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Healing Through Hospitality

For the hospitality industry, the emotional, physical, and psychological toll of a global pandemic will likely underpin travel trends that were already on the rise: biophilic designs rooted in nature, experiences rich in culture, and environments that promote both physical and mental health and wellness. But for brands looking at what’s next, there are numerous pieces of the puzzle that must come together to make guests truly feel comfortable with traveling once more.

Rethinking Play

How do we resurrect play in the new normal and give new life to brands focused on creating joy for kids and their families?

Shaping the Future: MG2 Insights from the Sustainable Brands Conference

How can we build a community of designers who intuitively weave sustainable thinking into every design decision? Laura Gardner and Candon Michelle Murphy, two of our MG2 sustainability champions, are on a mission to teach us how patience and the art of making micro-moves over time can result in a having a significant impact. Their solution to this burning question is to form an army of educated, passionate advocates who challenge each other and our clients to focus on the long-term benefits a sustainable practice can yield.

The Art of Staying Well

How restorative hospitality experiences are becoming the new luxury

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