• Chicago, IL
  • Mixed-use, Residential, Retail development
Community Environments

6 Corners Lofts

Where Mixed-Use Innovation Meets Historic Revitalization

In an effort to revitalize a 1938 Sears building and reinvigorate a historic Chicago shopping district, Novak Development has partnered with MG2 as their design architect to bring to life an innovative mixed-use project complete with 200 residential units, over 50,000 s/f of retail, and 300 parking spaces.

MG2’s cross-market expertise spanning multi-family and mixed-use built environments grants our team the ability to create a holistic, inviting community experience. Simultaneously, our decades-long relationships with some of the world’s top retail brands and intimate knowledge of their programs and operations allow us to engage our portfolio of partners, bringing Target in on the ground floor—literally and figuratively— to create a truly unique experience for the residents of Chicago.

6 Corners Lofts mixed-use development provides the opportunity to create an architectural transformation that connects past and present and sets the tone for the future of the neighborhood.

“Six Corners was once the second-busiest shopping center aside from downtown area,” says Richard Fahy in a recent article by Block Club Chicago. He is a representative for Operating Engineers Local 150 and a longtime Northwest Side resident, “This site has the potential in playing a vital role in transforming our community and give our local economy a boost that is long overdue.”

The existing 1932 building serves as a historic backbone and foundation from which we can build a new and meaningful story for the neighborhood, residents, and visitors. The revitalization of 6 Corners Lofts is an opportunity to design a destination-worthy experience for the area. Our design—an iconic juxtaposition of Art Deco with cutting-edge technology—honors the historic nature of the site while simultaneously infusing new energy and life to the community it serves.