• New York City, New York
  • Pop-up retail
Consumer Experiences

Alpha Industries

Launching A Debut Physical Retail Experience

Alpha Industries, known for its iconic military streetwear clothing, partnered with retail experts at MG2/The Lionesque Group to launch its first physical retail experience in the Soho neighborhood of New York City. The brand sought to create a concept that would drive sales and tell the company’s story through key heritage moments.

Together with our team of designers, strategists, and project managers, Alpha Industries launched a dynamic and engaging retail environment that helped elevate brand awareness in local markets.

Creating a Branded Pop-Up Environment

MG2/The Lionesque Group was challenged to create a retail experience that would effectively raise name recognition, educate consumers on the company’s history, establish brand loyalty, create impactful moments, and test the viability of physical retail for the brand.

Maximizing Impact: Immersive Retail Strategies

To bring Alpha Industries’ story to life, the team developed an immersive and impactful retail experience, complete with a vintage jacket collection, a 14-foot-tall military plane rudder, woodland camo fabric elements, and an impactful ceiling installation that utilized the brand’s iconic “Remove Before Flight” tags. 

MG2/The Lionesque Group also designed the space with larger-than-life environmental graphics featuring trademark colors and engaging questions that sparked conversations between guests and associates. During production, designers leveraged 2D layouts and 3D renderings to create a clear picture of the final product. In addition to owning build-out management, staffing set-up and operations support was also provided to ensure a seamless customer experience.

A Success Story in Brand Awareness

Alpha Industries’ partnership with MG2/The Lionesque Group resulted in an engaging, multi-sensory retail space showcasing products in the aura of its iconic history. The experience successfully raised brand awareness in local markets and digital channels, educated consumers on the company’s legacy, helped establish a loyal customer base, created impactful, Instagram-able moments, and solidified Alpha Industries’ position as a leader in the military streetwear clothing industry. Since opening its doors, the SoHo pop-up has been featured in Women’s Wears Daily, VMSD, and Chainstore Age.