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Costco Wholesale

Costco Wholesale has partnered with MG2 for over 30 years.
Costco Wholesale Santa Fe La Mexicana by MG2

An enduring partnership with a global leader

Over 30 years ago, our partnership with Costco Wholesale began with one warehouse. At the time, the wholesale leader was putting down roots in rural and suburban communities, where space was ample. However, as the brand gained popularity and expanded its reach into urban neighborhoods, development became more challenging with greater constraints. Simultaneously, Costco Wholesale boldly began to broaden its offering, with services such as optical and hearing centers, pharmacy, gas stations, and fresh, high-quality meat, deli, and seafood selections. As jurisdictional codes became more complex and demanding, creative design solutions were required. A dedicated partner—one who understood their goals, embraced their values, and sought to grow with them—was needed. They went all-in on MG2.

Three decades and 780+ locations worldwide later, MG2 remains that partner today. Our relationship has grown and strengthened, both personally and professionally. We have worked together to streamline organizational efficiencies in building design and delivery, cost management, entitlement services, built asset management, and program management. MG2 anticipates Costco Wholesale’s needs, evolving alongside, and elevating the speed and consistency of our results over time.

With MG2 as their program partner, Costco Wholesale has set the bar by creating and maintaining the platinum standard in optimized rollouts: It takes just 110 days from the time construction begins to the moment doors open to their members. Their “high quality, best price” approach toward building design—also reflected in their products and customer services—is an inherent part of Costco Wholesale’s brand promise. 

MG2 evolves the Costco Wholesale warehouse prototype every month, finding innovative ways to update and improve the concept while upholding our swift construction schedule and high-quality standards.

Our relationship goes beyond the depth of resources and broadness of services MG2 provides; there’s a consensus-driven approach across a joint team that keeps the proverbial ship moving forward. We work together to create modern, industrial retail environments that are contemporary, clean, safe, and never compromise Costco Wholesale’s standard of delivering quality. We’ve tackled countless new challenges together, leaning into the seemingly impossible to come up with solutions foundationally based on our co-journey. 

And along the way, we’ve optimized Costco Wholesale’s program to the business benefit of millions of dollars per year, while continuing to help them grow and expand to new consumer markets across the globe.