• Columbia, MD
  • Interiors, Residential

Where beautiful form meets flawless function

A newly minted centerpiece of the bustling Merriweather District in Columbia, MD, Juniper is the fourth residential phase to open for Howard Hughes Corporation—a community of pet-friendly apartments adjacent to the landmark Merriweather Concert Pavilion. The architecture, landscape, and interiors are carefully calibrated to a design language conveying a lifestyle of natural, conscious living. 

The development is intertwined with amenity spaces designed with clear connectivity to exterior park spaces and nearby retail promenades, creating a layered experience rich with diversity and life.

A significant theme that emerges throughout the design includes the fusion of wood and warmth. This tone is carried within the building’s facade, woven into the surrounding gardens, and saturates the interior spaces. Color palettes, rich with earth tones, create a curated, boutique experience.