• Multiple Locations, United States
  • Specialty retail

Kizik is a rapidly growing footwear brand that believes there’s more
to life than tying your shoes. As a digital-native, direct-to-consumer
brand, Kizik partnered with MG2 to design and build multiple store
formats, beginning with their brick-and-mortar retail location in
Utah. The resulting space, a playful, true-to-brand experience, was
created through a demolition and rebuild of the storefront and
interior, integrating two former tenant suites and a portion of the
shopping center’s common area.

Following this success, Kizik debuted the introduction of its new
brand promise, “Motion is Magic”, through its inaugural NYC
experiential retail pop-up. Customers embark on an immersive
journey via interactive visual installations responsive to movement.
Customers are drawn in from the sidewalk by a highlighted
display of products that guides them to their first experience of
discovery and a hands-free try-on. “Motion Is Magic” and the brand
experience created in NYC will serve as a catalyst for Kizik’s most
ambitious phase of growth.