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Client Programs

Last-Mile Delivery

MG2 undertook the challenge of converting both an abandoned two-story call center and a large-format retail structure into last-mile distribution facilities. In the case of the call center, close collaboration with local authorities ensured that the building was structurally and programmatically suitable, supporting a smooth zoning conversion process. Through ingenious spatial design, the once-abandoned call center now stands as a high-performing, state-of-the-art distribution center with versatile spaces for future redesign and repurposing.

Additionally, MG2 partnered with a client specializing in industrial properties in supply-constrained areas to transform the large-format retail structure into another last-mile distribution facility. Leveraging their expertise in big-box retail structures and a portfolio of warehouse and distribution centers, MG2 efficiently designed the facility considering end-user requirements. To meet the client’s needs, the team designed a private cross street, providing essential dock access and optimizing the footprint to accommodate dock requirements, ultimately benefiting the overall project.