• Seattle, WA
  • Brand design, Worklife

Bringing a brand to life

In designing a new headquarters office in downtown Seattle, MG2 envisioned a space that would drive connectivity within the firm and with clients, partners, and the community. MG2 needed a work environment that would showcase the company’s culture, people, and work and also reflect the firm’s updated brand identity.

To fulfill this vision, MG2 revitalized space in the 1101 Second building originally designed by Pacific Northwest modernist architect Paul Thiry. MG2 brought together a diverse team of its retail design, office design, and brand strategy experts to develop the office space in a way that applies the retail design sensibility to the workplace, from a focus on the “customer journey” to a unique street-facing exhibit space.

MG2’s design team played off the natural state of the building with its open floor plates and exposed concrete to create an expansive, modern environment set against a refined industrial backdrop. As in MG2’s other offices, the open environment provides employees with choice and flexibility between a variety of work spaces — from individual workstations to open and enclosed meeting areas and “quiet rooms” for individual work or small group meetings. This flexibility and the inspiring design of the space has created a new sense of energy and collaboration reflecting MG2’s continued growth and evolution as a firm.