• Multiple Locations, U.S.
  • Specialty retail
Consumer Experiences / MG2 Advisory

Prestige Beauty Company

Building a Sustainable Store Design Program

MG2 partnered with a prestige beauty company to assess and develop a customized, scalable sustainability program for both new and existing retail stores globally, spanning their family of brands. 

The objective of this more than 12-month endeavor was to establish a framework, along with measurable standards and criteria, that could be incorporated into the built environment across various categories, including store buildout, energy, and water conservation, sustainable sourcing of materials, and operations, among others.

Goals included:

  • Immersion into corporate and brand goals
  • Establishment of standards for sustainability in the built environment
  • Create a set of criteria to measure sustainability
  • Evaluation of the full lifecycle of the brand environments, including design and materials selection, vendor selection, fabrication, installation, operations, visual merchandising, and end-of-lease removal/recycling of all elements

Deliverables included:

  • Stakeholder workshops to establish priorities by brand
  • Toolkit and guidelines, creating standards and specifications for sustainability in the built environment
  • A scoring system to evaluate and rank achievements within the brand’s custom sustainability program