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Protein Processing Plant


CWI partnered with MG2 to design and construct multiple protein processing plants to meet their customers’ growing demand for protein.

The protein processing plant in Morris, IL, produces over 220 million hot dogs, 152 million burger patties, and 13 million pounds of meatballs annually. MG2 optimized the layout for maximum efficiency, implemented utility systems for large-scale machinery, and strategically designed the building to accommodate refrigerated storage, a microbiological laboratory, a test kitchen, and a two-story office area to support 75,000 SF.

In addition to the plant in Illinois, MG2 designed and constructed a protein processing plant in Tracy, CA. This West Coast distribution depot includes a meat packing plant, a perishable foods storage depot, and a frozen foods facility to serve CWI’s stores on the West Coast. Over 220 million hot dogs are produced in the Tracy, CA plant alone. The massive meatball cook room is built entirely of stainless steel, and high-tech handwashing sanitation stations are scattered throughout the plant and connected to counters that allow plant officials to ensure they’re used regularly.