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Skamania Treehouses & Event Pavilion

An elevated resort experience

Located in the Columbia River Gorge between Portland, OR and the Hood River, Skamania Lodge has established itself as a premier destination for family vacations, weekend getaways, corporate conferences, and weddings. The Lodge was looking to expand their current offerings, the resort partnered with MG2 to design and develop a “treehouse-style” cabin concept and pavilion, catering to those in search of a unique escape.

The two resulting tree houses, nestled amongst a grove of Douglas firs, have each been designed with a large deck, expansive windows, an indoor/outdoor fireplace, and are easily accessed via an attached staircase. These contemporary, approachable, and luxurious tree houses offer modern luxuries not commonly associated with the traditional cabin experience but sought by guests looking to stay there. MG2 continues to work with the Lodge to bring new cabins to the resort.