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The Escape Game

Unraveling physical enigmas

Just five years ago, you would have been hard-pressed to find an escape room near you. Today, however, the number of available adventures has exploded, with a 2400% increase in the United States alone. As natural puzzle solvers working on complex physical environments day in and day out, MG2 designers were over the moon when founders of The Escape Game approached our team to partner with them on their prototype location in Atlanta, GA. 

Integrating the unique, specific escape room technology crafted by The Escape Game’s internal teams, MG2 worked with stakeholders to bring to life a prototype experience design, brand standards, and project process for future locations. The client also received the added value of MG2’s experience in working closely with local jurisdictions to navigate the challenging building code requirements for this unique type of project.

The Escape Game experience incorporates strong, consistent brand identity attributes while offering customers a one-of-a-kind entertainment experience in each of their spaces. MG2 assisted The Escape Game in opening their first location in Atlanta, Georgia, and has continued to collaborate on conceptual development as they expand across Nevada, California, and the Pacific Northwest.